Free Books: Facilitators handbook for permaculture

Free Books: Facilitators handbook for permaculture


To provide a wide range of practical and comprehensive guidelines, tools, and techniques for delivering effective Permaculture workshops. It includes over 200 presentations, creative thinking exercises, and practical hands-on exercises, which can be used by local facilitators to design and implement effective courses appropriate to the needs in their area. It has been designed to work in conjunction with the companion books ‘‘A Resource Book for Permaculture – Solutions for Sustainable Lifestyles” and “The Facilitator’s Resource Book for Permaculture Training and Assessment.”

These workshop techniques include knowledge and practical techniques for environmental rehabilitation and sustainability, strengthening community resilience and local economies. The contents of the book are based on concepts of deep ecology, the inter connectedness of our environment and culture, and the principles and ethics of sustainable community development.

Permatil and IDEP Foundation invite organizations or individuals wishing to reproduce this book to do so, in the interest of sharing Permaculture activities for non-commercial purposes and without altering the contents of this book. For rights of reproduction for other purposes, please submit a written request for permission to IDEP Foundation.

The materials contained in this book have been drawn from many different sources including Permaculture works and publications worldwide as well as practitioners in East Timor and Indonesia. If you have any input or suggestions regarding either the contents or the use of this book, please contact us at the address listed above. We greatly appreciate your suggestions and input.

We have tried to be as factual and accurate as possible. We hope that this book will provide many benefits for those that use it. However, any problems that occur as a result of practical use of the information is not the responsibility of Permatil, IDEP Foundation, or of the book’s authors, artists, contributors, or publisher.

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