Free English Books: IELTS Reparation And Practice General Training

Free English Books: IELTS Reparation And Practice General Training

The interesting point of the book is that the shared design from homework tips to exercises helps you stay on-the-fly, applying learned strategies to the test.

The Unit Listening for each section shares:

Introduce about that section, have common content
The examples section to better understand the test
Strategic information needs attention in order to take the test effectively.
The focus parts to pay attention such as language focus, situations - situations ... when practicing the subject.
Listening lesson with instructions on how to answer each common lesson type in Listening.
After studying all the units for each Section, you will have 3 complete tests to practice. At the end of the book are the answers and tapescripts for self-examination.

The Speaking Unit shared:

An Introduction to each Part in Speaking
Analysis of criteria from Vocabulary - words to use, vocabulary paraphrase to use ... to sentence structure for starting, Grammar application, pronunciation, sound matching ... for you to develop your speech, have Speaking lesson complete, more impressive.
Sample Questions and Answers accompany each Part of the Speaking. This is a quality reference source for you when practicing Speaking.
An interesting feature of the book is that there is a board where you can grade your answers. After recording the speech, analyze it yourself, it will help you to know where your level is and what to improve.
Thus, if you study carefully with this document, you will have a lot of knowledge and strategies to practice effectively.

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