Free English Books: Cambridge vocabulary for ielts - pauline cullen

Free Enghlish Books: Cambridge vocabulary for ielts - pauline cullen

Lack of vocabulary is a difficult problem for IELTS students. Lack of vocabulary, your article will have poor new words and easily lead to repeated errors. Without vocabulary, the speech will not reach the high band score. Lack of vocabulary, you hear the sound of that word but cannot know how to spelling. Especially, lack of vocabulary will not be able to do a good reading no matter how many tips there are. So how to improve vocabulary for IELTS? Today I introduce a book that can help you improve new vocabulary according to the topics of the IELTS exam: Cambridge Vocabulary for IELTS with answer.
The book is intended for IELTS learners of all levels and the desire to improve academic vocabulary for this test. Even if you are not studying for the IELTS exam but want more vocabulary for other academic purposes, you can also use this book.
- Includes all the necessary vocabulary for the IELTS test broken down by topics and learning through small reading and listening lessons.
- Common error warnings help candidates know and avoid common mistakes in word usage.
- Check the candidates' progress regularly, thereby reinforcing their learning and charting their progress.
- Tips on how to approach the IELTS practice tests in the book and how to learn vocabulary for self-study candidates.
- The Wordlists in the appendix provide a useful and resourceful checklist for IELTS test takers.
- The book has many useful tips from language experts on how to take the IETLS exam, how to express and arrange the sentences properly. This book Vocabulary for IELTS is recognized by Cambridge University for its content summarized from actual exams and statistics of students' mistakes in exams so far. You can self-study and improve your English knowledge at home.

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Publishing companyPauline Cullen
Publishing year2008
Book languageEnglish
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